Buying a property in Italy

Is not different as in other countries. Take your time. What are you looking for. Region? Habitable or restoration, single house or residence, country side or near to the beach? Do you like to locate permanently? Retirement? Do you like to rent out your house? Any of this question is important for your next research.

Real estate purchase in Italy step by step

You can take look alone or you contact some real estate agency. After your buying decision –you can – but you must not –sign the preliminary contract and pay agreed deposit. You need a “geometra” conveyancer/technical adviser and his report for notary´s Contract. You will probably need translator and for the contract 2 – translator and one other person speaking bot languages.

Cost and taxes

Registration tax         2% – 9%
VAT                              4% – 22%
land registry Tax       1%
Notary fees                1%-2.50%
Legal fees                   1-2% or agreement *
Agency                        2% – 4% + VAT *
Translator                    *

Annual Cost of a Property in Italy

Property tax, condominium, utilities, waste charge, TV

Account in Italy

For the buying procedure you need a Italian account. To open one you need a Italian fiscal number. Italica can help you to obtain one and open a account.

Viewing a property

Some property is vacant, other one rented or inhabited. Viewing on Sunday or holiday is not usual in Italy, but sometimes we can arrange a view. Please try to inform us 2 weeks before.

What about swimming pool in Italy?

In any case you have check regulation (region/communal) and probably you will need a permit. Pl. contact a geometra – Italica can help you to advise one.

Renovation work

In USA/UK and Germany has the word “renovation” different meaning as in Italy.
Also internal changes could ask for sometimes very easy and simple notification/permit made by a geometra – but better to check now as to find out after some year that you have made some works without permissions.


Mediation of real estate for the purpose of acquisition

The agents commission amounts to 3% (plus lawfully VAT) of the effective purchase price (will be fixed in a pre-contract) if there is a verification or an arranging activity of Italica e.K. or one of its partners that leads to a sales-contract. This contract is governed by German law.