About Us

In 1986 we got to know by chance and learnt to love Tuscany. In the search for new houses and flats for you

We often stop during our trips to the various regions and breathe Tuscany  with its beauty changing every day and its numerous scents and aromas caressing our senses. Tuscany is like the sea different every day and simply breath taking.

We were particularly struck by the areas around Volterra. And in Versilia mainly by the hills around Montignoso. Here one is surrounded by pinewoods, chestnut-trees and the sea, whose sound can be often heard despite the distance. When the weather is fine, one can even see the Elba island and Cinque Terre.

Who better than us can take you through this region, that we know so well.

Do you wish to buy a house or an apartment? We will help you from the first step to the delivery of the new house.

Besides helping you personally in the drawing up of the contract, we also give you the possibility of a contact locally. We will not leave you alone once you get there, but we will keep on assisting you through our branch in Versilia. In this way we can suggest you Trattoria known only to local, give you information on local events and help you with petty or serious problems. We will certainly find the right environment for you, as we know even the most secluded places in Tuscany and we are always informed on the latest news.

Do you prefer to buy a villa or spend your holiday in another region of Italy? Make your requests and we will be pleased to help you also in this case.